Twists In The Big Brother House As Star Game Heats Up

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Fire drill
The housemates’ first task on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 was to test their reaction to emergency and for them to be familiar with fire drill and evacuation plan just in case a real emergency occurs. Big Brother created the scenario of putting fire in the house and putting dummies to represent partners in the fire so housemates can strategise on how to save the dummies.

Ola, Luke and Esperanca volunteered to be the downville fire fighters and it took them two minutes to stop the burning house. This resulted in the dummies burning to death. In upville, four housemates volunteered to save one dummy. Given proper emergency suits and fire extinguishers, it took them longer time and the dummy burnt to ashes.

How well do you know your partner?
Another challenge was given to housemates to determine how well they knew each other. What is your partner’s shoe size, favourite colour, favourite artiste, what he/she would do with the money and who he/she dislikes more in the house? Although challenging, Nafe ruled as he got all five questions about his partner Wati correctly while Hilda was very dramatic as she cried whenever Julio got answers about her wrong.

Unlocking the Conundrum
As housemates were relaxing, Big Brother asked them to change into their swimwear and gave them four bars of soap with a Big Brother coin with a conundrum on it in them. The instructions read: “Use the shower or the Jacuzzi. Try and be the first Housemate to unlock the conundrum.

As soon as you make out the letters and unscramble them, shout out the answer and you could win a reward”. Barbz led the girls and suggested that the pairs rub each other’s feet instead of their backs; Roki and Lady May were the first to wash the soap away until they revealed the Big Brother coin but it took them a while to unlock the conundrum.

After paying careful attention to the conundrum, Lady May shouted “I got it” while Roki her partner shouted “It’s Stargame”

Roki and Mampi: On Tuesday, May 8, 2012 which was less than 48 hours in the house, Big Brother announced that there will be minimal provision for hot water. Roki was trying to get housemates’ attention by telling them of the need to share routines and Mampi was laughing sarcastically.

This got him irritated and he said to her “I may not be as funny as you are, but I’m cleverer than you and that’s what I’m known for.” She continued laughing and mockingly called him a genius. He lost control and started swearing at Mampi using vulgar language.

Although he apologised and Barbz was asking him to sing inorder to reduce tension, Mampi was already angry and she said “I say what I want when I want and I don’t have to prove anything to you.” He later consoled himself by saying this is how we learn about each other, we fight and make up.

Goldie and Roki:
Another fight occurred on Wednesday, May 9, 2012 when angry Goldie threw her toys off the court and verbally attacked Roki for disrespecting her. She says “He always picks on me and says I have fire inside, and then uses vulgar language around me”.

Roki wasn’t moved by her anger but when he tried to apologise, DKB and Prezzo advised him to let it go and apologise later then DKB carried her like a groom lifting his bride.

Prezzo and Barbz:
As the VIP’s were preparing for big brother’s conundrum task, Prezzo called Barbz “Miss Mademoiselle” and “Tyra Banks”. This caused a fracas between them as Barbz didn’t fancy being called such.

Prezzo stated that Barbz thinks she is above all the girls in upville and how she keeps looking at herself in the mirror which is really annoying.

When Goldie asked him to apologise, he tells her that “sorry” and “I love you” don’t come easy from his mouth so there’s no way he will apologise to Barbz. This happened on Thursday, May 9, 2012.

Zainab and Seyondou:
These two are always getting it hot. First, Zainab was angry with Seyondou for questioning her taste for diamonds when he asked why she was wearing fake diamonds.

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