Fantator is a London-based micro blogging service founded by Peter NwankwoFantator, a micro blogging service which allows users to give minute by minute updates on sports matches, has launched a beta version of its website.

London-based Fantator is a private start-up founded by Peter Nwankwo and was founded in 2009.
The company aims to become the “twitter of sports” by allowing users to “Fantate” on almost any sport including football from the top leagues around the world to NBA basketball.
Friends and followers are then able to find out what is happening in a game by the updates which will appear in their personal stream.
“With some sports matches lacking television and radio coverage which is accessible to millions of sports fans, we hope this joint effort from Fantators around the world will allow fans to stay in the loop”.
Fantator has also helped to solve the dreaded time zone problem, where it is hard to work out what time a game is due to start which usually occurs when a game is based in a country with a different time zone to where a user lives.
Fantator beta launch features include:
* User live minute by minute updates on matches.
* Sports fixtures for every major sport including Rugby super league, Cricket, NBA Basketball, NHL, and Spanish primera division football.
* Game start times according to users time zone.
* Game TV Coverage according to user’s country.
Check the site: