Popular comedian, Afamefuna Klint Igwemba, also known as’ Klint Da Drunk’ is a multi-talented artiste who has become a household name in the entertainment industry. Patience Ivie Obhafuoso and Blessing Ukemena, caught up with him recently at ZERAPHAT Runway 2011 in Abuja, where he revealed that he withdrew from taking movie roles temporarily due to request by movie directors to play the role of a drunk regularly. He also spoke on other issues. Excerpts:


Would you subscribe to the general belief that the comedy side of the entertainment industry is not making much waves like the music and movie industries?
I think it’s true because most comedians don’t know what to do; they keep doing the same thing over and over.? I actually withdrew from playing movie roles and performing at comedy shows because there were so many things they were not doing. I have to go back to rearrange and put some things together and very soon, you would be surprised of what I’m going to come out with. Most of my colleagues would be wondering why they never thought of something like that because it’s completely different from what we are used to. I love carving a niche for myself; I love doing something different from the general norm because the truth is this, among all the things you have seen, all the things you have watched on television or all the comedy shows you have been to, are there any differences?? This time, I’m bringing something different into the comedy world.

You don’t honour every invitation, why did you choose to honour this one?
Actually, I am the kind of a person that loves giving people the benefit of doubt. I do my things the way I think God wants me to handle them. I came here because I wanted to do this programme, I didn’t come for anything – whether I get anything at the end of the day or not is not the issue – the issue is these people; the less privileged. If the people organising it have something else in mind, it is between them and God, not me. I’m doing my own part. So far, to the best of my knowledge, this is very genuine; I have actually seen what they have done and the beneficiaries have actually confessed to what they have been doing.? This occasion is just a part of it, it has been going on behind our backs, and they have been doing a lot of things because it is obvious. If they had come here to say they wanted to raise money, it would have been somehow daisy, but we have seen the videos, and the places they have been to. I think it is like them saying, ‘we have been doing this all alone, we can’t do it all alone, we need your help.’

I don’t think these people have ever had this type of opportunity before. Just imagine it, because of them, a lot of dignitaries: the senators, actors, actresses, comedians and host of others are here today just because of them.

How often do you think this event would be coming up?
I don’t know. I am not part of the organizers, but I will want it to be as often as possible because I want to be part of it; I love this kind of initiative. While in primary school, I joined the Red Cross society because I love helping people. Though I am no longer active due to my entertainment engagements, but I’m still a member. Charity is something that should be part of our lives, not just on occasions like this. Just as these oraganisers have decided to come up with theirs this time, another group should have their own tomorrow and another next tomorrow. It’s meant to be a continuous thing.


What else do you do apart from comedy?
Believe me, comedy is a full time job. If you don’t know, know it now! In due course, you will get to see all the things I have done that are packed up and you would be asking yourself, how did I get the time to do all those things?

Is it true you have changed your name from Klint Da Drunk to Mr. Clint?
Please, I want to correct that, I did not change a name, I only added a name. I am introducing an art called Mr. Klint which is going to be showcased by 2012.


But still the same person?
I have a comedy art called Klint Da Drunk; it is a comedy art and not a comedy. I’m going to come as a standup comedian as Mr. Klint and Mr. Klint is also into many other things, all of which you will see next year. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not into comedy.??

Your face has not been frequent in recent movies; does that mean you’ve quit acting?
I have always been in the movie business; I purposely withdrew from it because every role given to me, I must be a drunk, so I withdrew. I’m trying to repackage myself before coming back.


But I met a movie producer few days ago who said he was working on a movie and that you are playing a major role in that movie. How do you reconcile this?
Maybe they used my image from crippled arts I did then because I’m not doing anything with anyone now. I actually got calls from my managers, they told me of some movies coming up. Maybe that was one of them.