Nasrul Lahi L Fatih Society( NAFSAT) has condemned the Sunday bombing at St Theresa’s Catholic Church, Maddala, near Suleja that claimed many lives, saying? the development is a dastardly act against the country and humanity.

The National President NAFSAT, Sheriff Yusuf, who conveyed the group’s condolence to the victims of the senseless bombing said members of the society felt deeply saddened at the needless killings and maiming of innocent persons by evil and cowardly perpetrators.

Yusuf said “Islam abhors violence in all its ramifications as the Holy Quran states in 2;256 that there is no compulsion in Religion.

“NASFAT condemns this act of wickedness and terror against innocent Nigerians and the country and commit the perpetrators to the stern judgment of Allah. We further refute in strongest terms the reference to the suspected perpetrators as Muslims or members of an Islamic sect.