Muslim Group Visits Churches In Kano

A Group of Muslims under the aegis of Concerned Citizens of Kano has visited some churches in the state to assure adherents of the Christian faith that all Muslims in the state have resolved to live in peace with their Christian brethren.

The convener of the meeting, Alhaji Bashir Is’haq Bashir, said there was the need for the adherents of the two major religions to live in peace on the grounds that the two religions place emphasis on peaceful coexistence.

He said, “All is well in the state, we are religious people in this country and we want to live as brothers and sisters.”
The group had in the course of the visit,? addressed members of five different churches to assure them of the Kano people’s resolve to live with them in peace and harmony.

Bashir also quoted from both the Qur’an and the Bible to solicit for continued peaceful coexistence among Christians and Muslims and said that the two religions abhor violence and hatred.

According to him, there is? no need for both Christians and Muslims to live under fear since what? the? adherents of the two religions want is for “us to live together and understand ourselves”.

The Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)? Kano State Chapter,? Bishop Ransome Bello,? said the move was a welcome development. He added that Christians in the state would continue to appreciate measures that would bring lasting peace in the state.

He said, “We are here as Kano residents but we are so much concern about peace in the state since in case of instability, we will all be affected. Whatever happened to the state will equally happen to us”.