Jamaul Taylor aka 'Young Krazzle' is a 26-year-old hip-hop artiste from Madison Heights, Virginia, in the United States of America, who has been in the American entertainment industry for over five years. In this exclusive chat with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM, by correspondence, the young artiste lets us into his world and his journey so far in the entertainment industry. Excerpts:

Tell us about yourself and how you started as an artiste?

I was in middle school with my cousin and he asked if I wanted to rap. He explained to me what rapping was; so I have been rapping since then. I'm 26 years old and I aim at attracting different crowds to make music that people can relate to.

What is your perception of the music industry in general?

I will like to state here that the music industry has strayed away from producing good music; everything is all about money and your image.

Tell us about your songs and where you draw your inspiration from.

Well, I have situations in my life or in someone else’s life that I ventilate on tracks. Also, when I feel that I need to send out a message to the people, it comes up – I take it down and it becomes music.

How did you come about the name ‘Young Krazzle’?

When I was younger, my friend told me I needed to name myself 'krazzle' because I was a wild and crazy dude. Since I was young at the time, I decided to put the 'young' in front of it and got ‘Young Krazzle’.

What was the response like when you decided to delve into music? Was your family in support of it?

Everybody told me to go full speed ahead… (Laughs)

Do you have an album to your credit? If yes, tell us more about it?

No, I have a mix-tape that I'm working on entitled, ‘Welcome To Tha Realm of Realness’ in which I tell people about my life and the real world.

What genre of music are you into and how would you rate your kind of music?

I like rap, hip-hop and rhythm and blues. I would rate my music as club, swag and realistic music. Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, T.I., Fabolous and Jadakiss are good lyricist because they all talk about reality.

Tell us more about your record label.

We are called Big Dreams Entertainment. We have a variety of sounds to bring forward to the people and we came out with our first mix-tape entitled ‘LOL Vol. 1’. Currently, we are working on our next mix-tape entitled ‘They Think We Lost It’.??

How do you spend your spare time?

I go to the gym exercising.

Tell us about your relationship. Are you married?

I don’t have a girl (in his Lil Wayne voice). Yes, I'm single.

I believe you are aware of the of illuminati story making the rounds in the entertainment industry? What is your take on that?

I don't have any dealings or comments about this matter.

What should we be expecting from Young Krazzle and how soon?

More music, more music and more music. Be expecting that mix-tape within the next year.

If you had the opportunity, would you come and perform in Nigeria?