Most times when artistes become successful in their chosen career, they tend to forget their roots. This is witnessed when they fail to honour shows organised in some rural areas where they once craved to be given audience. Anthony Ada Abraham in this piece examines the need for? successful artistes to always look back at their support as up-coming artistes.

The atmosphere was local and the people were not letting things go as passersby were treated to interesting songs from different? local artistes, stopping to catch a glimpse of some artiste.

T.P Brown, K-Smasher, Sunny On Top and others rendered songs that could compete favourably in any part of the world though in a rural show at Lugbe Airport Road.

In lagos, there are artistes who started from the streets dancing and singing to the people before becoming famouse.

Baba fryo, Tuface, Afrcan China, Eedris Abdulkareem, Tony Totuila, Azadus, Psquare,Wande Coal even the Area fada himself Charlyboy, eLDeeTheDon and others have performed in street shows.

What is the significance of a street show?
The late MC Loph a good friend of LEADERSHIP once said in an was exclusive interview when he? came to Karu for a street show that it not because he was popular prompted him to grace the event but because artistes are made known from the streets.

He also said that people(artistes)who feel too big to perform at any street show are those in the trade without passion but for the fame. A food for thought for new comers.

Also Waconzy who is known for his song ‘I Celebrate’ ‘My Weeding Day’, believes that if you have not performed on the street then you have not started.

Many videos from big artiste you see today depicts the streets. Jamix remix a song featuring majority of notable faces in the music industry…eLDee,Ruggedman,Iceprince and the likes, the concept was to drive home who could rap most on the street which is still ongoing in many locals…

Untapped Talents:
When you come to the streets, even those from the city always identify with artistes from the hood because that is where it all started.

You cannot shy away from the hood no matter how famous you are, Going back to last week analysis…Tupac sang a song dedicated to the ghetto’ Ghetto Gospel’ R-Kelly also sang ‘Ghetto Child’ Akon, ‘Ghetto’ and many others.

In Nigeria, many artistes believe that identifying with the ghetto, when already famous brings down their image, so they want to keep up the tempo by doing their thing internationally.

But it is not always true that performing in a street show brings down your image because according to Maxwell an Abuja based Producer,music is food for the soul and only those passionate enough about music know the value of? spreading their wings to various locality not minding their fame or fortune.

‘Musicians are of different kind. There are some that would want to sing by all means because they have the money to produce their songs, there are some who want to be famouse and there are others who are really gifted.

Representing the hood makes you more closer to your people that is why the European artistes are more intelligent because they do everything for the streets even though they are undoubtedly famouse.

I will advice our artistes to be closer to the people because they are the ones? buying their CDs. Be part of them and don’t show off if you are invited for a show in the hood.’ Something the young artistes should really think about.

Dorrathy Njamanze said in a chat.
“I always encourage everything that encourages creativity…I think its a fabulous idea to see young people singing alongside the known faces in the industry”.

According to Eedris Abdulkareem the street is a practical education.
‘To survive you must be educated street wise…I had always perform on the street that’s why I’m the only don that fought for the Nigerian musician that makes noise all over the place… now so I’m happy ‘food don done everybody carry spoon…whether na your papa cook the food abi na ur mama cook am the street is always the street.’

The local artistes could be given support by the already established ones.