Reasons Why You Should Give ‘Geeks’ A Chance

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Someone recently asked a lady what type of guy she usually fell for. Most ladies are quite certain about the “type” of man they like, but most times, the “geek” is not on the list. I personally like to refer to them as “academic”, because “geek” seems to imply that they’re socially inept, lack muscles, wear cuffed jeans and thick glasses. That is what is defined as “nerdy” or “geeky” by society’s standards: shy, awkward men, who love comic books, Star Trek and wizardry.

But don’t let the bow tie, smarts, and self-deprecation fool you. Those stereotypes have often left the geeks out of the dating game…until now. While some “unenlightened” women shun these men, others realise that geeky guys are the preferred choice among women who overlooked them during our high school and college years.

They’ve spent their 20’s and 30’s “regrouping” and growing into their intelligent sexiness, and behold, they now have nerd boy swag. So, before you write this person off as not worth dating, let’s consider what geeks bring to a relationship.

1. Nerds are (usually) intelligent
Now, keep in mind, I’m speaking in general terms when describing what we typically consider to be a nerd, but there are exceptions to every rule. Not all nerds are smart – some are just weird. And not all studs are stupid. But most geeks are intelligent, and can engage you with stimulating conversation and a charming wit that keeps you on your toes.

Sure, he may use big words, but having someone in your life that makes you reach for a dictionary only helps you to grow intellectually as well. Men who are relatable, yet brilliant, carry themselves in a way that stops you in your tracks…sort of like President Obama. And intelligence is always “hot”.

2. Nerds are typically successful
Obviously, intelligence on its own is impressive enough, but what good is it if you don’t apply it? There are plenty of smart men and women out there who don’t use their brain for good or live up to their potential.

But most nerds, because of their work ethic and pursuit of knowledge, usually parlay their 4.0 GPA from high school to CEO swag – wearing either sharp suits or cardigans, and Chuck Taylors creating social networks and designing the next best thing that you’ll find at your local Apple Store. He’s now a “post-nerd”…an intelligent man secure in himself, and that high school invisibility is now a man in full view – hoody sweatshirt and all.

3. Nerds may be more accepting and less judgemental
Most nerds are considered outcasts in most social circles, simply because they don’t conform to society’s standards. Despite this, they embrace their interests, hobbies, passions and obsessions, which make them more likely to be open-minded and accepting of the uniqueness of others. You can be yourself with him, and share all of your little idiosyncrasies – and he’ll appreciate you, just the way you are.

4. Nerds are less likely to cheat
Speaking of appreciating you, studies have shown that most geeky guys are less likely to cheat – mainly because they haven’t dated dozens and dozens of women and haven’t become desensitised to what being in a relationship actually means. Do you know the saying, “Men are only as faithful as their options?”

In the case of a man who is not usually sought after, the nerd may be at a “disadvantage” when it comes to men who have access to many sexual partners. However, because of this, nerds may come to appreciate having a special person in their lives and don’t want to do anything to risk losing them.

Again, there are some nerds who are jerks, and some jocks who are gems – but if nerds find it hard to get into a relationship, they may work harder to keep it.

5. Nerds may be better in bed
Now, just because a nerd may not have had many sexual partners doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Chances are he’s read several books on how to please a woman and studied Adult Videos, so that when he does get his opportunity, he won’t disappoint…and the woman will come back for more. In fact, a British study involving IT “techy” dudes indicated that geeky guys put their partner’s sexual needs ahead of their own, while cock diesel, fitness freaks were typically more selfish in bed.

Sure, the D. Wade lookalike with the big arms may be having more sex than the nerdy guy, but that doesn’t mean he’s better at it. Take a chance on the unassuming guy, he may rock your world!

6. Nerds are “in” vogue
You’ve seen singers, rappers and several members of the music industry rocking “nerdy” glasses, without lenses, as the new “cool” thing. Somehow, looking “nerdy” has become more fashionable…cute even. It may just be a fleeting fad, but gone are the days when you’re worrying about what your shallow friends think about you dating that guy with the horn-rimmed glasses, the tight pants and argyle socks.

Dating nerds is becoming more and more popular, probably because of the reasons mentioned above. So, jump on the Seth Rogan bandwagon and enjoy your man in all of his nerd boy splendour. He may surprise you!

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