PDP Candidate Calls For Strong Economic Base To Boost LG Operations

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The Senior Special Adviser to the government of Benue on Special Duties who is also the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party {PDP} in Saturday's local government election in the state,

Honourable Terna Kester-Kyenge, has called for a strong economic base in order to boost the operations of local governments in Nigeria.

Speaking in an interview with LEADERSHIP WEEKEND, the PDP's candidate who?agreed that the third tier of government has not lived up to the expectations of the founding fathers also noted that it has not achieved so much in the area of fast tracking development in the local level.?

His words: “In order for LG to bring visible developments to the grassroots, there is the need for the LG’s to have strong economic base, and the participation of not only the elected LG officials but everyone in the community”

“The expediency for the creation of local government in Nigeria stems from the need to facilitate development at the grassroots. The importance of local government is a function of its ability to generate sense of belongingness, safety and satisfaction among its populace. These benchmarks are lacking in most LG, and not forgetting the fact that Local Government is faced with many difficulties”

Speaking on his ambition to be the Chairman of Logo local government in Benue state, Honourable Kester Kyenge promised to?transform the Local Council, stressing that he will also make a difference in governance, throughout the area.?

He added: “Residents share unanimity of opinion that they desire a change. If am elected, I am coming in with a clear vision of what I intend to do, I have identified certain areas of human and economic growth that have been neglected or need to be overhauled. Primary health care, Sanitation, Portable drinking water and Education are immediate focus”

The Governor's aide further made it known that primary health care need to be overhauled and taken to the next stage, adding that he would give primary health care an unlimited priority. “I have come to realize that it is only when the human resources are healthy that the people can harness the materials we have and work with the right attitude” he noted.

His words: “Part of the United Nations Millennium Development Goal is to achieve Universal Primary Education, more specifically, to ensure that by 2015, Children are able to complete qualitative primary education”
“Logo LG will not be left out; we want to ensure that if elected our children can compete with their peers across Nigeria and beyond.?

I am going to introduce new approaches to long-term water planning, management and sanitation that incorporate principles of sustainability and equity. There is plan of access to basic amount of water necessary to maintain human health and to sustain ecosystems, basic protections for the renewability of water resources”

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