She did not become popular through acting.No. She was known as a model for one of Nigeria’s popular medicated soaps. After starring in more than few movies, she went off the radar, but in this interview with RUTH CHOJI who met her at the premier of ‘Ka Ya Ce’ a Hausa movie at the Silverbird Galleria,she revealed her plans for the present and what she did while she was away

Where have you been?
I went off the scene to attend to other things; I delved into the aspect of production and at present, 1 have a studio for production of films.

Since the establishment of your studio, how many films have you made so far?
I have made two films so far. One is a Yoruba movie sub-titled in English and it wi ll be prern iered soon. The other is a co llaborat io n between Nollywoood and Bollywoood. Both or them are yet to he released, because we want to go to the cinema before releasing it into the market.

There have been lots of changes in Nollywood. Would you say they have been for the best?
Sure, these changes are for good. When I was growing up, I remember going to the cinema to watch Indian movies, You cannot compare what we watched with what they are doing presently. They have improved seriously. l n our case, changes are inevitable along the line, hut they are all for the better. It is akin to a situation in which you let the weed and the chaff grow together and when the time of harvest comes, you separate them.

How would you know the best from those just coming in, because it is gradually becoming an all comers affairs
It IS a hit challengmg now, but those who are the best stand the test or lime. You cannot SlOp people from COnllllg in, It IS show business.

As an old-timer in the industry, what would you say are the challenges the film industry is facing?
A whole lot of them, I don’t want to mention money par se, but if a producer has a good script, yet doesn’t have money, all he or she has to do is call two or three other producers who will go through it, and if they see that it is a wonderful story, they can reach a financial agreement to produce it and share the profit.
The challenge I know is the absence of movie studios. We go to people’s home … to record. The inconvenience can only he Imagined. For instance. we nnuht be in a particular location and, aybe, due to some unforeseen circumstance we are unable to finish in time The people expecting us at the other location are there walling, but by the time you get to the IT, which might be late, they say, “Sorry, we are getting ready to go to bed.” Your money is gone for that day and if you scheduled to shoot ten scenes, you might end up shooting just five. So we really need a film studio, Instead of disturbing people to lease us their k n chen , parlour and all that.
There is also the issue of piracyas well. I am not saying others don’t experience them but in the case of Nollywoud, piracy stares us in the face, refusing to go away. Thank God for the president who appreciates the industry and is trying to help, but we need more help.

You have appeared in several movies, which would you say is your most challenging?
I have appeared in over a hundred movies and they have all been very challenging. Sometimes, people meet you and say ‘that part was easy, it was natural’. But the different parts are challenging, I just learn to do my best.

Many actresses have complained of sexual harassment; have you ever enncountered that?
I have never encountered such. I think this is borne out of desperation: so nlC:lny actresses are desperate, and when you appear desperate to produce, they take advantage of you, telling you to ‘do this and get this’ or else they give it to someone else.

… and the issue of lesbianism?
I have been hearing about that too, but no actress has ever approached me for something like that. I don’t know of any lesbian in the industry’

You are a beautiful, A-list stax when will the wedding bells toll?
1 don’t want to talk about my private life. It is private and will remain so. I am sorry(laughs).

What should your fans expect from you now that you are back?
Lillian Bach is back and they should expect my own movies. Like I said, I’ have produced two and they will be out soon. My perfume line is also in the works, though I have been working on it for three years now. Don’t be surprised, Lillian Bach perfume will soon be out. I am quite creative and that part of me is about to be unleashed.