Nyako Linked With The Arrest Of Adamawa Deputy Speaker

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Adamawa State Governor Murtala Nyako has been allegedly fingered in the arrest and detention of the Deputy Speaker of Adamawa State House of Assembly, Hon. Kwamoti Laori.

The police on Monday arrested Hon. Laori over the Ngbalang crises in Numan Local Government Area of Adamawa State, after the police said one of the three suspects linked to the crisis confessed to have been sponsored by the lawmaker.

In a petition to the Inspector-General of Police, dated September 3, 2012, Hon. Laori alleged that Governor Murtala Nyako had an animosity against the State House of Assembly in general and himself in particular, for effecting changes in the leadership of the Adamawa State House of Assembly.

He said that as a result of this simple constitutional act of changing the leadership of the House, Governor Nyako unconstitutionally and unlawfully laid siege to and sealed the Assembly through the State Police Command for about two months until Supreme Court declared his tenure as having elapsed in February, 2012.

The lawmaker added that the governor had been heating up the polity and should be held responsible for whatever conflict that broke out in what had come to be one of the flash points in security matters in the nation.

According to the petition, Numan State Constituency Adamawa was invaded by alien mercenary Fulani herdsmen on May 13, 2012, at 9am, but the governor deliberately refused to invite the military to check the attacks even after the mobile police troop had been repelled by the invaders.

“The governor refused to invite the military to check the attacks notwithstanding clear and glaring evidence that the attackers had razed over six villages at the time. He did this with the prior knowledge of the attacks and the desire to give the attackers the opportunity to commit atrocities on my people before intervention of the military,” it read in part.

?The petition further said as proof of the hostility of Governor Nyako against the people of Numan constituency, the governor was yet to visit the area in spite of the havoc wreaked by the attackers.

According to the counsel to Hon. Laori, Chief Leo Nzadon, the arrest and detention of the deputy speaker is the design of the state governor to frame him up for terrorism, because of his role in the leadership change of the State House of Assembly in 2011.

Chief Nzadon said that the immediate cause of the conflict of the January 12, 2012 in Ngbalang was the brutal, wanton and unprovoked attacks carried out by Boko Haram terrorists at Mubi and in the church in Jimeta, and added that the simple-minded populace reacted to what they considered an attack on the people by settler elements and the conflictS erupted.


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