Dressing In White

The heat is in full swing, so it’s time to break out in your LWD: little white dress. Aside from looking lovely on your wedding or graduation day, white dresses can look fresh and modern at any event this summer. Wearing a white dress takes a few special considerations; it’s not as simple as the colour connotes. Once you have the basics down, you are on your way. Here are a few tips to help you look your best, whether you’re going for a casual or a dressy look.

Underneath it all – Select a solid and opaque white dress. White fabric suffers the curse of being see-through in many instances. When you shop for your white dress, check the transparency factor. Bear in mind that white dresses (or any white clothing, for that matter) can show everything you happen to be wearing underneath.

Go for skin coloured lingerie as opposed to white for the most undetectable look. A skin-toned full slip will give you an extra layer of coverage if your dress is sheer. With a knit dress or very fitted dress, try some shape-wear such as boy shorts. Nothing ruins the innocent charm of a white dress like brash panty lines or seeing a white bra. What you wear underneath should be your own little secret.

Keep it simple – A white dress is like a fresh palette or a clean slate. It doesn't take much to kick it to the next level, especially if you add a colour. Less is more when white is your outfit. Avoid wearing white sandals or shoes, as this will create an overwhelming effect.

Wear your best white –? Okay, so bright white just does not flatter your colouring. If you have a warm skin tone and hair colour, try a pretty cream or off-white dress, and it will make you look lovely. Find your perfect shade and you'll shine!

Nudes and neutrals – Forget that traditional look of white on white. It's perfect for your daughter or your little sister, but you need something more grown up. Choose the right accessories. Try accenting your white dress with shoes and accessories in nude or neutral shades such as gold, beige or silver.

Adding a metallic accent brings a subtle sophistication to a fresh white dress. Try gladiator sandals or a pretty pair of pumps in gold, add a beaded clutch and a sexy pair of gold earrings accented with pearls for a simple and elegant look.

Pop of colour – Use white to it’s best effect by adding just a simple pop of colour. I love to accent white with a vibrant green that will enhance skin tone. Use colour sparingly because whatever you wear will really stand out with a white background. Remember, less is more.

Wild chic – compliment yourself with something wild and classy. A white gauzey maxi-dress is the perfect look for summer. Adorn yourself with ethnic accents that include fringe, texture and pattern for a look that's very modern. Add some turquoise jewelry, oversized sunglasses and a satchel in a playful colour and you'll have your own bohemian rhapsody.

Easy street – Make a white dress in a relaxed shape your weekend uniform rather than jeans – you'll be much cooler, in both senses of the word! Throw on a neutral belt and shoes for a day; shift to bright colours or metallic accessories for a night on the town

The white dress is perfect for barbecues outings – so long as you don’t spill anything on yourself – evenings out and just running around with the kids, little white dresses can look great on everyone.

Just pair them with appropriate accessories and you'll have a fabulous look that can stand up to the heat.