Yakowa Resisted Calls To Remove Me – Gov Yero

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Kaduna State Governor Muktar Yero, in his valedictory speech yesterday narrated how he became the deputy governor and how he was nearly schemed out of the position.

Governor Yero also gave the assurance that he would cater for the well being of late Yakowa’s wife and children as long as he remained the governor of the state.

Narrating how he became the deputy governor and the plot to remove him from office, he said: “When Late Yakowa became the governor following the elevation of Namadi Sambo as vice President in 2010, I was still a serving commissioner for finance and I went to congratulate Yakowa as the new governor in his house.

“He brought out a sheet of paper containing about six or seven names and my name was among the names. And he said the names were given to him for consideration and advice, but that if he did not feel comfortable, he could choose anyone he wanted.

“My name was there and he said to me even if my name was not there, he would like to work with me because he did not want the vice president to take me to Abuja and away from Kaduna State. He then asked for my opinion and I said let’s leave everything to God and he agreed.

“After a year while trying to resolve certain crisis, he told me that he was asked by some Commissioners and other people to drop me because of the crisis and he said no.

?“About 2-3 weeks ago, something happened and he called me to his office and about the third time he said commissioners and certain people were complaining that I said I was not being carried along in the running of the state and I said I did not know them, and don’t want to know them. I asked him to put all these behind us and let’s work together.

?“I told him my portion where I felt he has wronged me and we resolved it. “There is one problem which is communication gap between us and he said let us close that gap and put the people to shame.

“On Friday, he told me that everything belongs to God, and that someday, he may be no more and that I could be the governor, and that he was going to Port Harcourt, Bayelsa, Lagos and end up in Abuja.”


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