CJN Appoints LEADERSHIP Correspondent As Media Aide

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The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Mariam Aloma Mukhtar, has appointed LEADERSHIP senior judiciary correspondent, Ahuraka Yusuf Isah, as her Media aide and Publicity Strategist to the Judiciary.

In a press statement signed by the Supreme Court’s chief registrar, Mr Sunday Olorundahunsi, the appointment takes immediate effect.

The CJN, who acknowledged that all is not well with the image of the judiciary said that the appointment of a media aide to her office is part of efforts to correct the situation.

The impression that the ordinary man on the street cannot access justice, the first female CJN said must change in order to instil confidence in the judiciary.

Olorundahunsi said, ‘‘on assumption of office, the CJN expressed deep concern over the public image of the judiciary and pledged to involve the media as development partners in the all-important task of instilling more confidence in the judiciary.

‘’The CJN believes in leading by example, and therefore the impression by some members of the society that the ordinary man on the street cannot access justice must change.

‘‘Ahuraka is expected to lead the implementation of the Honourable CJN’s strategies and initiatives to return the confidence reposed on the judiciary in the past.

‘‘Until his present appointment, Ahuraka was Senior Judiciary Correspondent with the LEADERSHIP Newspaper in Abuja. He has also worked in a number of newspaper houses and magazines, some of which include the Lawmaker magazine, Public Agenda, Ebicom News Magazine, People’s Mandate Newspaper/Magazine and Abuja Newsweek.

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