UPDATE: 2 Foreign Doctors Killed, Another Beheaded In Yobe

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Three foreign doctors have been killed in Nigeria, one of them beheaded, officials have said.

Their nationality remains unclear, with differing reports claiming they were either South Korean or Chinese.

The deaths on Saturday night of the physicians in Potiskum, a town in Yobe state, comes less than a week after gunmen killed at least nine women administering polio vaccines in Kano, the major city of

The attackers reportedly targeted the doctors inside their home, an official at General Hospital in Potiskum, a government-run health facility.

The doctors had no security guards at their residence and typically travelled around the city via three-wheel taxis without a police escort, said the official who insisted on anonymity.

By the time soldiers arrived at the house, they found the doctors' wives cowering in a flower bed outside their home, the official said. At the property, they found the corpses of the three men, all bearing what appeared to be machete wounds.

Two of the men had their throats slit, while the third was decapitated.

The state's police commissioner, Sunusi Rufai, confirmed the attack took place but added that no one had claimed responsibility.

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