An Islamic cleric, Ibrahim Olateju, on Wednesday told an Abeokuta High Court that he was seeking the dissolution of his 10-year-old marriage because his wife, Rukayat, was allegedly a traitor.

Ibrahim, who spoke under oath in the witness box, said that the marriage had produced two children, aged five and three.

The suit is being heard by Justice Olanrewaju Mabekoje of the High Court III in Isabo.

Olateju told the court that they (couple) had been living peacefully before he lost his job in January 2010.

“We never had any problem until I could not perform my financial responsibilities as the head of the home due to loss of my job.

“She refused to understand how bad things were for me. Rukayat will fight me to the extent that I will rely on our neighbours to come to my rescue.

“Apart from the fact that she betrayed my trust in her, she made me a subject of ridicule before our neighbours and her family members.

“I was thinking things will change but was surprised to come back home on May 5, 2010, to see that she had packed out with our children and my belongings, “ he alleged.

The complainant disclosed that his investigation revealed that Rukayat had relocated to her mother’s house in Abeokuta.

He further explained to the court that he made futile efforts through their (couple’s) parents and relatives to persuade his wife to return home.

In her address,?his Counsel, Mrs Olayemi Yusuf,?alleged that despite the fact that Rukayat was served with summons and hearing notices, she refused to appear in court.

” By the attitude of the respondent (Rukayat) and evidences before this court, it is obvious that Rukayat is no longer interested in this marriage.

“In the instance case my Lord, I humbly urge the court to grant the prayers of the complainant by dissolving the marriage on the ground that it has irredeemably broken down, “ she pleaded.

The defendant, who had been absent in court since the commencement of the case in June 2012, was not represented by any counsel.

After the oral address by the counsel and testimonies of Ibrahim, the judge, thereafter, reserved judgement on the mater till April, 23.(NAN)