Seven Arrested For Assault On Police In Ogun

The Police on Saturday arrested no fewer than seven persons for allegedly assaulting policemen who were sent to monitor the monthly? enviromental sanitation in the State.

The incident occurred in Elite road,Idi-Aba,Abeokutanarea of the town,where the suspects were alleged to have contravened the sanitation exercise law.

The policemen who were detailed to accompanied the sanitation officials on a monitoring exercise to the area, when the suspects found acting contrary to the exercise scheduled between 7am-10am.

The suspects considered the police enffontery to have questioned them as insulting, and descended on the police,seizing their berets,with uniforms torn.

However, the police left the scene for reinforcement and subsequently returned to the scene to effect the arrest of the suspects.

Those arrested are: Adebisi Kazeem, Kasumu Azeez,Kasumu Anifat, Kasumu Nofiu, Kasumu Busayo, Adekunle Semiu and Segun(popularly called Osoba Kekere).

The arrested suspects were later driven in police patrol van to the mobile court,as at the time of filing this report to face penalty over their offences.