Kidnapped Foreigners: Channel Your Demands To JTF, Defence Hqtrs Tells Boko Haram

The Defence Headquarters yesterday asked Boko Haram sect to channel whatever demand they have concerning the foreign hostages the sect is holding to the Joint Task Force (JTF) instead of using YouTube.

Since the French tourists have been kidnapped, there has been no report of their locations but the sect reportedly demands for some conditions to be met before they could release them, however, the Defence Headquarters said they don’t react to YouTube.

Speaking with the Defence correspondents in his office, the spokesman of the military, Col Yerima Mohammed argued that the sect have the contact numbers of the JTF hence they have no excuse for not contacting them.

“On the French citizens held hostage by Boko Haram, the Defence Headquarters wishes to make the following clarifications regarding the video clip on the Youtube purportedly released by Boko Haram in which it listed conditions for the release of the French family it is holding hostage. The Defence Headquarters do not make official response to video on the YouTube.

“If the Boko Haram group wishes to express concern about their members being held, they ought to have channeled their demands through the JTF telephone help lines which they are conversant with. These numbers for the sake of repetition are 08064174066, 08154429346 and 07064174066.”