2015: ANPP Chairmen Meet In Kaduna

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State chairmen of the All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP) yesterday confirmed that four governors of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from the north have concluded arrangements to join All Progressive Congress (APC).

The chairmen who briefed journalists after it meeting, “We have been talking to a number of PDP governors from the north to join the bandwagon of change. As I am talking to you authoritatively, we will have four governors who are ready to join APC; but time shall tell.”

Speaking on behalf of the chairmen from the north-west, ANPP chairman of Kaduna State, Senator Lawal Aliyu, said the new party had given Nigerian the opportunity to realise their objectives.

“We are ready to give Nigerians a change that they have been looking for. It is never going to be business as usual; change has come and is here with us,” they said.

Commenting on the alleged registration of another different party with an APC acronym, the Senator said, “It is not true that another political party with APC acronym has been registered. It is PDP’s plan;? all they wanted to do was to register a party with the same acronym. And it is a shame for us. We believe that politics should be played with clarity. We have good ideas that would transform the country for the better. Nobody can stop our coming together. We don’t need INEC to tell us; every Nigerian knows APC today.

“I challenge PDP to turn a new leaf and play clean politics -? politics of idea, politics of integrity, and politics of peace.? They cannot continue to put people in suffering.”


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