Atiku Calls For Internal Democracy In Parties

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Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar? on Wednesday in Ibadan said there could be no practice of genuine democracy in the country unless there was internal democracy within political? parties.

Atiku stated this at a lecture he delivered at the Department of Political Science, University of Ibadan, as part of activities? marking? the 50th anniversary of the department.

The lecture was entitled:? “Thoughts?? on Internal Democracy in Nigerian? Political Parties: Challenges and Strategies.’’

Atiku said? the country? must discard the culture of impunity “ to have a genuine transition to a well-ordered, democratic, peaceful, just, stable and united Nigeria.’’

“The ruling party, PDP, of which I am a founding member, has a greater responsibility in this regard,’’ he added.

He said the country needed? economic development that would reflect the genuine needs and aspiration of the vast majority of? citizens.

According to him, genuine electoral reform will be the most critical step that must be taken in order to ensure internal democracy in the nation’s political parties.

He called for change in the manner of appointment of? INEC chairman and tenure as well as commissioners,? saying this? would help to dilute the role and control of any sitting president.

Other reforms, he said, include the funding of? INEC? from the first line charge of the Consolidated Revenue Fund to make it less dependent on the government in power.

Earlier, the Head of the Department of? Political Science in the university, Prof. Obisike Nwolise, said the issue of lack of? internal democracy was crucial ahead of the? 2015 poll.

He said there was urgent?? need for political parties to adopt democratic best practices and standard, adding that these include internal democracy.

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