Ebonyi Deputy Speaker Removed From Office

The Ebonyi House of Assembly Deputy Speaker, Chief Valentine Okike, has been removed from office for alleged insubordination, promotion of disaffection among members and improper dressing to official functions.

Moving the motion for his removal, Mr Chris Usulor (Ezza South) said Okike committed acts which negated the corporate existence of the House.

“The deputy speaker is fond of committing gross insubordination against the leadership of the house, causing disaffection among members, and dressing improperly to official functions.

“He even wears ‘boxer shorts’ to functions among other acts which negates the exalted office he swore an official oath to protect.

“This motion is in consonance with section 92 sub section 2C of the 1999 constitution.

“It stipulates that a Speaker or Deputy Speaker of the House shall be removed from office with a 2/3 majority votes,” he said.

Mr Frank Onwe, (Ohaukwu North) seconded the motion which was put into vote by the Speaker, Chief Chukwuma Nwazunku, and it was voted in favour by majority of the members.

Nwazunku, in his remark, said that the deputy speaker had been suspended as a member for two weeks.

“A committee will be constituted to thoroughly look into this matter and report back to the House accordingly before subsequent actions will be taken,” he said.

Mr Eni Uduma (Afikpo South West) moved a motion for Okike’s replacement and nominated Mr Blaise Orji, representing Afikpo South East constituency.

Mrs Mabel Aleke, (Ohaukwu South) seconded the nomination which was accepted by majority of the members.

The House had earlier directed its Committee on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs to review and arrive at a consensus on its report on activities of State Local Government Service Commission.