Will Kwankwaso Ditch PDP For APC?

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There seems to be an agreement among political contemporaries of Kano Governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, that no political pressure or rash of political realignment would push him to jump ship to pitch tent with the opposition merger platform; All Progressive Congress, (APC). ABUBAKAR SALIHI writes.

There is no amount of political rip off he hasn’t seen in his home state and at the national leadership, but he took it as a challenge, which he must strive to survive for history to record him as a political hero of his? time in his style,” said the PDP state publicity secretary, Comrade Sale Aliyu Jili.

Popular political discourse is bringing Governor Kwankwaso more to the spotlight, suggesting strongly that some factors may compel him to defect from the PDP. They view the factors as the cordial relationship that he seems to have established with Genaral Buhari of the APC and the alleged rift with the Goodluck Jonathan camp and Jonathan’s insistence on contesting the 2015 presidential election. Again, the reason for such defection is viewed as his struggle to bring presidential power back to the north.

According to him, Governor Kwankwaso had been a deputy speaker, House of Representatives, in the third republic, Kano governor in 1999 to 2003, member federal executive council as defence minister in 2003 to 2007 and reelected in 2011 as governor, Kano state to date.

“Somebody with these political stewardship among others, will boldly, I believe, say what he wants, how he wants it and when he wants it. These baseless premonitions are the work of ill minds and political masquerades,” Jili maintained.

The PDP state publicity secretary reiterated that Dr. Kwankwaso’s political future is brighter in the PDP where he is known by all and the prospects for him becoming Nigeria’s president is equally certain in his present party, PDP.

“Governor Kwankwaso,” Jili said, “like all other modern politicians is flexible and may decide to have a change in his political game plan through swapping party, but as at now, he has not discussed such with us. He is contented with the PDP and no Jupiter can stop him from vying for any position God sets aside for him in future.”

He shared with those who heard of governor Kwankwaso or barely knew him should read between the lines that his political antecedents are nothing more than a calculative politician. “He never wins easily or had it easy going in politics”.

A very close friend to Governor Kwankwaso who sought anonymity told LEADERSHIP that Dr. Rabiu Kwankwaso, “was the man of the party. He never compromise choice of party” and not even a topic of discussion that Kano governor may even think of swapping party, he avowed.

He labelled the grounds as whatever may be their weight and where they come from as ill motivated and was emanated only from empty barrels with heavy noise who see themselves as political mischief makers.

To sum up the opinion of many political analysts, they insinuated that General Muhammad Buhari’s recent visit to Governor Kwankwaso at Government House has political undertones and may not be unconnected with the fact that a northern political agenda should be put forward.

In this regard, they feel Governor Kwankwaso will be the best candidate, fearless to suit the choice of Buhari as the only person to succeed him and carry along his political philosophy.

Governor Kwankwaso’s stance on onshore/offshore oil dichotomy debate and the opinion he repeatedly shares about it which didn’t go down well with the federal government, has earned him more wisdom and believe me, electorates are swelling behind him.

A roadside mechanic, Malam Inda Bako, said Nigeria need a person like Dr. Kwankwaso who has always put political sentiments aside and work for the common good of the general public. “Kano state is now facing a speedy transformation which will be difficult to achieve if he cares to listen to detractors,” he confessed.

Malam Inda cited an example of how Governor Kwankwaso silenced those who felt it was always impossible to exercise the might of power over highly placed individuals even if they wrong the law, saying that Kwankwaso did fault them and at the detriment of the masses.

He therefore said he nominates Dr. Rabiu Musa for Nigerians as their president come 2015.

While others see the possibility of Kwankwaso defecting to the APC and believe that only time is waiting for his informed decision, they based their belief considering the political enmity between the appointees of Goodluck Jonathan in the state and the governor.

Conclusively, those who want Engr. Kwankwaso to swap party are doing it with the believe that he will be made the president, while his political antagonists want him to defect so as to gain ground and get support of the presidency to clinch power in the state.

Would Kano state governor, Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso swap party or join All Progressive Congress (APC) lies in his hands. In other words, time awaits him perhaps to blow his trumpet.


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