Former FC Dragon coach, Edema Fuludu has said Flying Eagles are favourites to qualify from Group B of the 2013 Fifa Under-20 World Cup in Turkey.

Nigeria has been pitched against Cuba, Korea Republic and Portugal.

Fuludu said though the Flying Eagles fell from their exalted number one spot to third at the just-concluded AYC in Algeria they stand poles ahead in picking qualification ticket to the next stage of the global competition over their group’s opponents.

“I don’t see any member of the group posing a threat to the Flying Eagles. Nigeria are sure qualifiers from the group.

“No team look really strong there aside Nigeria, Portugal are strong European side but not at the age grade level same applies to the Korea Republic.

“Though the Flying Eagles finished third at the Africa Youth Championship in Algeria, Nigeria remain a dominant force in that age grade cadre.

“I think one month scouting of hungry players by the coaches will greatly improve the fortune of the side.

“Good enough the whole domestic leagues are, at present, going on. There are thousands of quality players to pick to strengthen the side especially in the attack, midfield and the back line. I don’t think we need to populate the side with foreign-based players.

“Then quality friendly matches for the team. I think with these steps taken, the Flying Eagles won’t have any problem at the World Cup,” said the former coach of the Togoleses side, Association Sportive de la Kozah (Asko de Kara) to