Ronaldo, Zidane, Giggs’ Skills For Glo Academy Boys

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Manchester United has taken the Glo ‘Dream Team’ who are currently on a training tour in Manchester, United Kingdom through spectacular drills that made Christiano Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane and Ryan Giggs soccer greats.

Manchester United coaches split the boys into 3 groups to work and do presentations on the strength and skills of Giggs, Ronaldo and Zidane, backed up with examples of various scenarios of these skills.

?This was followed by a workshop on “what makes a great team”, focussing on the 5 skill areas of great and successful players such as technical, tactical, physical, mental and social.

?The team also had another work out session at the Cliff with emphasis on “Combine to Attack in the Game”.

Another workshop titled “Everyone is a Winner” was held at Bolton Gladstone Hotel? to further develop the mental skills of the boys. This was followed by field training at Trafford Leisure Centre under the theme, “Make it Count skills and Control challenge”.

?The team will be exposed to other aspects of training and techniques of modern day football in the coming days.

Sixteen finalists emerged from thousands of participants drawn from across West Africa in The Glo Soccer Academy. Twelve of the boys from Nigeria and Benin Republic made it to the UK for the on-going training while the remaining four boys from Ghana will undergo a training tour of Dubai’s soccer academy.

The 16 finalists have been awarded G-Bam Scholarship of N750,000 and N1 million Naira each for 15 of them, while the Most Valuable Player will receive N5 million.

The on-going training at the prestigious Manchester United training schools is one of the prizes won by finalists in the maiden edition of the West African Television reality show.

The Glo Soccer Academy was organized to discover and train talented young footballers across West Africa and it was conceived to provide a once-in-a lifetime opportunity for talented footballers to kick-start their career in professional football.

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