Westerhof Worked Against Me During Japan 93 — Amun

Former Golden Eaglets coach and Japan 1993 U-17 World Cup winning tactician, Fanny Amun has sensationally revealed then national teams technical adviser Clemense Westerhof worked seriously against him before and during the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Japan. Amun said because of that he never promised authorities then the cup but employed a strategy of winning each match as it came. Sharing the secret behind the Japan glory with LEADERSHIP SPORTS, in Warri, he said that the team was enmeshed in serious politics and intrigues because Clemense Westerhof wanted to dictate to him. The former secretary general of the Nigeria Football Association said he stood his ground against Westerhof and prevailed.

He said after proving Westerhof wrong for saying the team was not going to qualify or scale through the preliminary round, the Dutchman had to come to terms and practically went on his knees to beg him. Amun that Westerhof knelt down to beg him in order to accompany the team to Japan with the Golden Eaglets team for the U-17 World Cup pleading that he will give the players ($5,000.000) five thousand US dollars each in every game they play which he rejected.

The ex-Flying Eagles handler said it took the intervention of the former Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida and his late vice, Admiral Augustus Aikomu to settle the crisis. He said they told Westerhof to leave him and the Eaglets alone and face his Super Eagles duties. “I thank the Nigeria Football Association because they gave me everything I needed to ensure that I won the competition.

They were not doubtful about me as a young coach because I reposed confidence on everybody on the board of the NFA based on my preparations. After we qualified for Japan 1993, the problem started; Westerhof came to me that he was going with the team to Japan and I said no to him.”

I said you are not going anywhere and the whiteman went down on his knees before me saying I should forgive him and that he wants to go with me just to observe. He said he will give the players $5,000.00 (five thousand dollars) each in every match they play and I said keep your money.

He went to late General Aikomu and General Babangida, to beg to settle the issue but eventually he (Westerhof) was told to go about his Eagles job and I my Eaglets assignment.”

Amuun said Westerhof discouraged him from playing a friendly with Japan because they are hosts but he did and won and went on to win the cup.?