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he Guardian Newspapaers Website

The Guardian Newspapers Website

The Guardian is an independent newspaper published in Nigeria by Guardian Newspapers Limited.

In its early stages of circulation, The Guardian was of one the few national dailies that did not publish advertised obituaries. Since 1989, the policy as changed and elite advertisement now makes a large percentage of the newspaper’s revenue; however, its stands on critical issues affecting the newspaper business and the nation at large have earned it the respect of many readers.

The paper was first published on the 22nd of February. When first published, it was like an experimentation as it was published weekly, only on Sundays, for six months before it went daily. The records have it that the paper started daily publication on the fourth of July 1983.The paper was established by Chief Alex Ibru.

The paper is seen to be elitist as it maintained some sort of intellectual high standard. The paper has been a flagship in the industry so much so that other papers try to mimic the standards of the Guardian.


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