Animated video eulogises Nigeria’s past heroes

An NGO, Nigeria Leadership Initiative (NLI), on Wednesday in Lagos presented an animated video that hailed the values of the nation’s heroes.

An executive member of the NGO, Mrs Hauwa Magoro, said that the 12-minute video, entitled “Notes2Note” was aimed at using the content of the local currency to impact national ideals on the youth.

She said that the video also highlighted Nigeria’s rich history, through the images of the past heroes.

She said that the project was one of three programmes of the NLI targeted at developing the youth in the areas of character, leadership, education, values, Efforts and Results (CLEVER).

“ We believe that one step to attaining Nigeria’s fullest potential is to reach out to the youth to reinforce values necessary to rebuild the society,” she argued.

An associate of NLI, Mrs Subomi Plumpter, said that the video would be viewed online, as well as on radio and television stations.

She said that it would also be distributed to schools, where motivational sessions would be held for students.

“ The duration of the video is short, while the history of the founding fathers is also brief in order to attract the attention of viewers,” Plumpter said.

She added that the choice of popular actors, actresses, musicians and comedians as characters in the video was to attract the interest of the youths.

The Project Coordinator, Mr Yinka Odeleye, added that the video would be made available to other segments of the society, especially traders and transporters who, he noted, most frequently handled naira notes.

This, he argued, would be in line with the ongoing campaign, by the Central Bank of Nigeria, to discourage the abuse of the national currency.



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