Death Penalty Stays – Lagos NBA Chairman

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The newly elected Chairman of the Lagos State Branch of Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. Taiwo Taiwo said yesterday that Nigeria was not yet ripe for the abolition of capital punishment from its penal system.

Taiwo in a chat with LEADERSHIP said that since criminals who kill were merciless, they also deserve no mercy.

“It is part of our law and it remains part of our law. The criminals are too merciless. Why would you kill a man after you have already taken his money or his phone? I believe our society is not yet ripe for the abolition of the death sentence.

“Nigerians love life. Maybe that is why the level of killings is low compared to other countries. If Nigerians are allowed to own guns then you can abolish the death sentence. Because if you know that I own a gun, you would think twice before coming to kill me,” said Taiwo.

The NBA chairman also said that there were many of the nation’s laws that have to be reviewed and added that many of these laws were so old that they needed to be made compliant with today’s realities.

On the transfer of beggars by the Lagos State government to their States of origin, Taiwo said that it was an illegal thing to do.

“It is not legal. It is against the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. You must be able to operate anywhere in this country economically and socially.”

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