AAG: Taekwondo Kits Hit Camp

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Taekwondo kits for the 10th All Africa Games have hit the training camp of the athletes preparing for the continental sports gathering to take place in Maputo, Mozambique, next month. It was an atmosphere of excitement yesterday when the federation president, Dr Jonathan Nnaji, stormed the camp with the latest in the World Taekwondo federation-sanctioned kits for athletes. The athletes went into a frenzy to celebrate the kits that was made possible by the National Sports Commission, NSC.

Dr Nnaji hailed Sports Minister Alhaji Yusuf Suleiman and Director General, Dr Patrick Ekeji for the feat. He said that the strategic plan of Taekwondo to win gold medals in Maputo is on course. According to him, the federation’s expectation is to do well at both the All Africa Games and the London 2012 Olympic Games. “It’s awesome to think that Nigerian athletes can get the latest equipment to train with before the games. I’m happy that the NSC can do this and it is left for the athletes to reciprocate by winning medals in Maputo and London respectively”, Nnaji said.

Part of the kits that thrilled the athletes was a video dartfish that helps both taekwondoists and coaches to monitor their opponents and their athletes during fights. There is also electronic body protector with a sensor which is worn by taekwondoists and transfers kicks during fights to the scoreboard to eliminate cheating and gang-ups by over-zealous officials. “Ï am particularly impressed with this. Now, our taekwondoists can get used to it before wearing it during tournaments. It is heavy and could have been strange to them. Some of them may even be admiring it and their opponents will give them a killer-kick,” Nnaji revealed.

Two scoreboards of different sizes, head-gears, kick-machine, water-base and sand base, speed platform, modern kick-pads, canvasses, slippers, WTF-approved taekwondo Duboc, shin-guards, arm-guards, hand gloves, head gears, groin-gears, tooth-gears(all WTF-approved) were also among the equipment. ‘’These will help us go a long way even though they don’t last forever. These equipment have been in use before now and this is the first time that Nigerian athletes are having it before major events. It speaks volumes of the good intentions of Ekeji and the new minister. It’s our turn to pay them back with good outings in Maputo and London 2012 Olympic Games”, Nnaji, who is also the first vice president of Nigeria Olympic Committee, NOC, said.

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