False lashes! You see them everywhere these days. This beauty trend that was once reserved for celebrities is now available to the average woman on the street, and the Nigerian woman is not left out.

Observation has shown that well-placed eyelashes can transform that look of a plain looking lady, giving her a sophisticated look. There are some out there that are so badly done; it is downright a clown show. The false lashes are now a glamorous trend that most ladies want to cash into. So, here are some things you should know if you want to have instant longer lashes.

Strip lashes are the easiest way to go
Preparing for a night on the town? Or maybe you just want to look a bit more fresh for that morning presentation or lunch meeting. Strip lashes are the perfect solution to all of the sleepy and dark eye circle woes.

Strip lashes can be made in both synthetic and human hair fibres for a more natural look and feel. They should be worn no more than 48 hours and can be applied with temporary eyelash adhesive.

Follow these steps for the best application
You have to be very careful in your placement and application methods, otherwise you run the risk of loosing a strip during the day if you touch it too often. When applying, first apply a thin layer of the glue to the uppermost back part of the strip and wait 30 seconds for it to begin to dry.?

Then, pick it up with tweezers and lay the false lash on your natural lash line? beginning by lining the end up with the outer corner first. Let it set? for about a minute and voila! Perfect lashes in a flash! Strip Lashes are recommended for the performer.

Make-up first, lashes last
The best time to apply false lashes is following full makeup application, which will avoid colour particles on the lash. Some eyeshadows contain micah, a natural particle with glimmering specs that can sometimes fall to the cheeks or lashes nearby.

To keep eyeshadow in place, try using a primer or an eyeshadow primer by one of the quality cosmetics brands before applying the shadow and then lashes.

Individual lashes last longer and look more natural
Another temporary false lash option is an individual lash application service. Like strip lashes, individual lash products vary in length and fiber. Try the under, short or medium length for the most natural look. Using tweezers, lashes are removed from the package individually.

The tip is then dipped into the glue and the piece is attached directly to or in-between two natural lashes, beginning on the outside corner. This process is repeated on each eye until each look visibly similar and more full.

Each service usually involves 30-80 lash pieces total. Individual lashes can last anywhere from two to six weeks depending on the type of glue used, method of application and care of the eye.

Professional precautions necessary!
Individual lash applications should only be rendered by experienced professionals due to the intensity of the chemicals used in the glue. If for any reason, the glue gets into the eyes, you must wash it out with warm water and contact a physician immediately.

Finally, a remover should always be used to remove the lashes and glue from the eye safely. I recommend individual lashes for the contemporary fashionista, who needs to look flawless from the morning meeting to the afternoon cocktail session

Eyelash extensions are more expensive, but durable and long lasting
Lash extensions are a contemporary method of extending and thickening natural lashes. When properly applied with a suitable adhesive, extensions can be worn throughout the year.

Eyelash extensions are a well known Hollywood service. Madonna’s diamond studded lashes cost $10,000. Jennifer Lopez’s lashes are made from mink! Lash extensions are recommended for the career woman with a spacious budget and forgiving schedule.

The price of ordinary lash extensions vary and can be quite expensive, depending on service, location and number of lashes. Application can take up to three hours.

You can’t get just one!
Following the initial consultation for individual lash applications and lash extensions, periodical touch-ups should be scheduled for maintenance. Monthly touch-up services are absolutely necessary for all individual lash services because you will lose some!

So you don’t get caught looking like you have eyelash malfunction, plan accordingly and look? lovely and natural.

Source- totalbeauty.com