Dance: Tool To Enhance Youth Development

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The life chargers could be the dancers and with that life could be changed. Anthony Ada Abraham writes about the KRUPM dance studio’s effort in enhancing youth development and making ways in engaging youths by organizing a four day workshop for young dancers.

The KRUMP Dance Studio presents dance, fitness as well as dance theatre general entertainment services for all ages and youths in particular.

Located at Jabi, it was founded? February 2011 as a means of meeting the yearnings of Abuja dance lovers seeking for a cozy place to fit up.

Recently the grand finale of the four-day, workshop of dancing and ballroom was held at Jabi where professional Nigerian dancers were brought to teach young prospective and also talented dancers in the country.

According to Jemima Angulu, managing director and instructor of The KRUMP studio, said it is a big plus to residents of Abuja and environs.

“We brought the best instructors with reputable records to train some selected dancers who are passionate about dance. What we are actually doing is to reduce unemployment with dance. We also want people to take up dance full time as a profession,” she said.

Krump studio does contemporary hip dance, salsa and fitness dance for those who want to loose weight.

“For this workshop, we introduced different kind of dance and we want people to know that jobs can be created from dance.”

In an interview with Ice Nweke an instructor and creative director of Society for the Performing Art in Nigeria(SPAN), IDO president (international Dance Organisation) the first certified latin and ballroom instructor in Nigeria who was trained in the USA, France, Beirut and has worked with numerous dance coaches in and across the world, emphasized the need for youths to realise the opportunities in dance.

“Dance is an art, a culture and its part of everyone. Whether its traditional dance, contemporary or western dance, they are all the same, but comes from different culture. Dance is basically how we express emotion in motion. When you have passion in dance, the art can be created . Dance is something that is inbuilt just like there is time to walk, eat, there is also time to dance.

He also said, “we are raw talents in Nigeria and because of the oil, we forget that we have agriculture. Maybe, when the oil is finished maybe that is when we will know that we can also see dance as a means of generating revenue to the country.”

He stated that dance now is center of the world as there is Maltina dance All, Dance 234, Leg dance and others which people are making huge money from. There are lots of youths out there that are good in dance because there is no encouragement a lot of them resort to crime. I advice them to come to KRUMP studio to showcase their talent in dance and their lives will never remain the same.”

He also believes that there are still people with the hunger and thirst to learn more and urged youths to get up and dance instead of engaging themselves in vices that are not of help to them and? the nation at large.

One of Nigeria’s beautiful dancers, Celina Ukalina Opuweri , also the Executive Manager of I-xtreme Production,? dance director of SPAN and the first female certified latin ballroom instructor in Nigeria, who received her training from capable hands across the world , the Maltina Dance winner 2008 and currently the IDO chief judge, stated that as a dancer, she has gone far even though she started in the church.

“Those of us who know what we are doing believe that dance is not for clubbing or parties but for improving life. As a dancer you need to be patient. Dance is becoming very acceptable and you can achieve your dreams with dance,” She said.

“Dance is something great and lovable and it helps enhance a healthy life. You can change the world with dances” she said encouraging the participant to love what they do.

A guest who also came to know about the studio, said she abandoned the gym and concentrated on dancing making her look different and her tommy flattened because of the benefit she has derived from dance.

There was an exquisite dance performance from the tutors, Ice and Ukilani and also the trainees to mark the end of the four day workshop.

The dancers who participated in the four day workshop were awarded certificates.

The world should know that there are people who want to dance because careers can be built on dance.

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