Why Pep Guardiola Chose Bayern Munich

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For months it seemed Pep Guardiola was leaning towards a move to the Premier League with Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea showing interest. But after months of speculation regarding his future, he left the Premier League reeling and chose to coach German giants Bayern Munich.

However, the Spaniard shocked the entire football world by signing with Bayern. Pep had his choice of a number of big teams, so why did he choose the Bundesliga leaders?

Although England was the most likely destination for Guardiola, his appointment means great things for German football. Bayern Munich in particular has had consistent runs in the Bundesliga and the Champions League but has lacked a killer instinct, which could have propelled them to numerous League titles, and Champions League honours.

With the team having only won one honour in the past 3 seasons, Pep Guardiola is the man to change all that. With 14 trophies in 4 seasons to his name, Guardiola can combine great coaching with a superb and talented squad to take Bayern Munich to the top of the football world.

Also, Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge revealed Pep turned down big money offers from other clubs to join Bayern. “If it were purely down to money, then Bayern would have had no chance,” he said. “I think he was impressed with our overall concept.”

Bayern Munich has no ‘Messi like’ player but they do boast a talented German core and other immensely talented players.
With the likes of Ribery, Robben, Gomez, Lahm, Neuer among others, Pep Guardiola will have a great squad at his disposal and this is unlikely to be the last we hear of them going forward.

Guardiola’s appointment will bring more deserved spotlight to the Bundesliga and give German football the recognition it deserves.

Like Barcelona, Bayern Munich also boasts a successful youth system. With the likes of Owen Hargreaves, Thomas Hitzlsperger, Philipp Lahm, Thomas Müller and Bastian Schweinsteiger coming through the system, Pep Guardiola can expect a wave of intriguing talent coming through the ranks in Munich.

“I’ve always found English football fascinating,” Guardiola said on the 150th birthday of the FA, further speculating that he would end up in England.

The Premier League’s elite suffered a painful reality check when Guardiola turned his back on them. The reasons for not choosing an English club are debatable.

Running a club under Roman Abramovich, arguably deterred Pep from joining Chelsea and arguably Arsenal’s transfer policy and Manchester City’s Champions League failures also deterred Pep from joining.

What does the future hold for Pep Guardiola after his 3-year contract at Bayern is up? Could we see the Premier League as a destination for Pep?

Could he be waiting on Sir Alex Ferguson to bring an end to an illustrious career at Manchester United before he takes the helm at Old Trafford? Only Pep has the answers to these questions, but the next three years at Bayern Munich are sure to be eventful and entertaining for the Bayern fans.? called from: hereisthecitycom

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