World Bank Develops Assessemnt Standards For States On Water Provision

The World Bank on Wednesday said it had developed standard indicators for assessing states in the provision water.

Mr Hassan Kida, the Lead Water and Sanitation Specialist of the bank, said the indicators were developed to assess states that showed interest in water utility reforms.

Kida disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

“We have developed a standard indicator to assess the states.

“For each state, we have financial indicator, technical staff and institutional indicator, we even have performance indicator on the performance they will do.

“We said this is good, and it will be reviewed with time, every six months or every one year.

“These indicators, for example, may show that last year a state is producing 10 gallons of water, but their treatment plant can produce 20 gallons.

“This year how many are they producing, if they are producing 12 gallons which mean it is an improvement.

“We use this to assess them, the revenue collection was just 20 per cent of their operation maintenance,” he said.

Kida said that the indicator would also help to know how the states had improved, what made them improve and this would help to know the level of commitment towards this utility reform.

“We do this assessment and we see that there is commitment on the side of the government itself to do these things and we do all these monitoring for all the 36 states.