Ex-Nigeria star Peter Rufai has denied he bolted away with the sum of €200,000 meant for a Nigeria community football club in Belgium.

It was reported that Rufai ran to Nigeria with the money given to Nigeria community football club by the Belgian government to feature in the Belgian fourth division.

The former World Cup goalkeeper said on his projects website Starufsports that he was disappointed with the false story about him.

“Quite regrettable that some reporters still report fake news about individuals, especially those who have tirelessly worked for their country. I am still PETER RUFAI aka DODO MAYANA (emphasis Rufai’s), a man of integrity and purpose,” he said on his website.

“As to the unfounded allegations which was allegedly reported that I diverted the sum of 200,000 Euros that was under my care by the Nigerian community in Belgium, is baseless and totally false because if it were as alleged, my family who lives in Belgium would have been apprehended, or my passport would have been seized and

I would have been apprehended in Nigeria because my details are well known by the government.

“I had fought not only for Nigerians, but for all the African youths in Europe (Belgium) on issues relating to equality in soccer and even for other Europeans in Belgium.

“This is just the work of faceless and jobless reporters that specialise in tarnishing the reputation of people that has worked for their country in great ways.

He continued: “I am not perturbed by all these baseless stories and I urge all my fans around the world not to be disturbed by these stories that have no source.

“I remain DODO MAYANA whose name will never be wiped out from the history of soccer in Nigeria and beyond. Therefore, I urge you all to remain calm that DODO MAYANA is a name written with gold that can never be erased.

“As to the reporters, if your stories are true, I challenge you bring forward the least tangible evidence as to all your allegations. God bless you all.”