The comptroller of Federal Operation Nigeria Customs Service, Zone B, Kaduna, Mr. Abdul Amade, has debunked a media report that his men carried out a raid on Kano market in search of local rice. He described the report as false and malicious, designed to tarnish the image of the organisation.

At a press conference on the activities of the zone comprising 10 states, the comptroller further described the report as a conspiracy against the organisation.

According to him, part of the achievements of his men within three weeks wasthe seizing of over 1,399 bags of foreign rice, which were smuggled into the country.

“It was not true that we raided the market in search of local rice. Our mission was to stop those smuggling foreign rice into Nigeria. We are seizing the smuggled rice in line with the federal government’s directive,” he said.

The customs chief added that due to federal government’s directive and enforcement against rice smuggling, smugglers now use motorcycles to ferry trailer loads of rice into the country.

“They park their trailers in the neighbouring country, they will now use motorcycles to ferry the bags of rice mostly from Pakistan, Indian and Vietnam.? Each motorcycle carries three bags and before you know they will finish smuggling it into the country,” he said.

He stressed that his men are doing their best to tackle those smuggling rice into the country.

He urged Nigerians, particularly media to support crusade against the smuggling of contraband into the country.

“Our borders are fortified, so it would be very difficult for smugglers to pass through with trailer load of contraband goods. We only need the support and cooperation of Nigerians and Media on this fight,” he added.

However, while speaking on smuggling of small arms into the country, controller Amade said they are working in collaboration with other security agencies to ensure the stoppage of illegal importationof small ammunition into the country.