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Nigeria @ 50 – Can Nigeria’s textile industry be revived?

According to available statistics, out of the more than 800,000 workers of the textile industry during its peak, only 100,000 were on its payroll by 1995. The number further dropped…

Are Naija editors failing their reporters or has Nigerian journalism fallen so bad and so low?

I am tired of reading calamity reports from Nigerian newspapers. Why is it so difficult to fact check and edit stories before publishing it.

President’s ban on international football, what do you think?

The media are divided, while some questioned the decision, others hailed it as a welcome relief and 'good riddance' to the NFF.

2010 FIFA World CUP: Losses and Gains for Africa

The 2010 FIFA World Cup has started and it is supposed to be a great boost to Africa, it's an African World cup.

Could this be the woman who ‘saved’ Nigeria in the end?

Nigeria had in the past few months been taken over by hoodlums and power crazies, the citizens have been treated like fools and hoodwinked with lies, until one woman broke…

World Cup exposes long-time pains of African travellers

The cost of flights to South Africa for the FIFA 2010 World Cup have exposed the long-time sufferings of African travellers in the hands of Western-owned airlines.…

As Maryam Babangida Exits

Happy New Year all. Nigeria's former first Lady Maryam Babangida passed on last week and since then i have read so many articles about the former 'Queen of Aso…

Annoying expressions and cliches in Nigerian media

Whilst preparing this piece for NewsPulse this week, I came across this article written by Farooq Kperogi on his blog aptly titled "10 Most Annoying Nigerian Media English Expressions".…

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