True Beauty Is Not On The Face

Beauty is not just about making your outward appearance look good, but also involves the mind. blessing Ukemena writes.

Beauty and femininity go hand in hand. Every woman loves to look beautiful. It is not only those women who think they are not good-looking that want to look stunning. Even some of the most beautiful women wish to look more attractive. Many of them make a lot of efforts to improve their physical appearance.

They spend a lot of time in selecting the right skin cream, makeup, clothing, etc. However, all these things can make them to look good only temporarily. For a permanent effect, they have to make themselves beautiful from within. Here are some tips that will help you out:

Know yourself
When you are aware of your likes and dislikes, it will improve your confidence level and make you a better person. Identify the uniqueness that you have and cultivate it. As a result, you will feel good about yourself and your personality will shine. Do not get carried away by the negative opinions of other people about you. You should know that most people say such things just to feel good about themselves.

Be genuine
Be happy and content with the way you look, and love yourself just the way you are. Feel comfortable with your facial features and body shape. Many girls make the mistake of faking themselves in order to impress a guy. If you do the same, it would not make you beautiful. Rather, it is going to dent your self-confidence very badly. In case you have to change yourself for the sake of a guy, it means that guy does not really deserve you.

Take care of yourself
Self care is not confined to just taking care of your hair and skin, but it goes deeper. To start with, eat healthy food, do some exercises daily, and maintain a good personal hygiene. As far as facial skin care regime is concerned, you should keep it simple; that include cleansing your face twice a day, followed by application of moisturiser.

Keep your hair clean and neatly brushed. Do not use too much of hair styling products as they tend to give a greasy look. These small changes in your lifestyle can bring about a marked improvement in your outer appearance and will keep you healthy too.

Use makeup selectively
There is nothing better than natural beauty. At a young age, your skin is well-toned and has its own natural glow. Do not hide that glow under thick layers of makeup. Even some of the makeup can cause damage to your delicate skin in the long run. You can use powder, lip gloss, mascara, but try to avoid lipstick, eyeliner, or any heavy makeup. Do not forget to remove makeup at the end of the day.

Eat foods that go well with your system
Some ladies would say that snacks like groundnut give them pimples. Now if you know things like that, then you should just avoid it instead of giving in to your temptations. As a young girl grows up to be a woman, she learns all the tricks to enhance her physical beauty. She knows the kind of skin care and hair care suitable for her. She takes care of her diet and exercise regularly to keep herself healthy. In addition, every woman should nurture the beauty of her soul in order to bring forth her femininity.

When you become beautiful from within, you gain a lot of confidence and true faith in yourself, which make you an irresistible personality who just cannot be ignored. To achieve this, it is very important that you cultivate the right kind of thoughts in your mind. Here are some simple ways to enhance your inner beauty:

Avoid negative energy
Do not be envious of other people for their name, fame, looks, abilities, or financial status. Also, do not speak negatively about others. In this way, your mind will be at peace with yourself which will get reflected on your personality, and you can see the inner glow.

Now, you will come across many people in your life who are always busy in picking up your faults. You have no control over such people. The only thing that you can do to avoid this source of negative energy is to stay away from those people.

Do not criticise yourself
There is an inner critic lying within all of us who makes us look down upon ourselves. It often creates doubt in our mind about our outward appearance, confidence, talents and so on. Therefore, it is very important that you make conscious efforts and discourage all these thoughts. Thus, you can prevent yourself from being your own enemy.

Accept your flaws
Do not think too much about those aspects of your looks that you do not like. If you can accept them, then you will discover that you are not much bothered when other people are pointing at those flaws. Try to maintain your focus on those things that you like about yourself and move ahead in life.

Follow your passion
Identify one such thing that you love to do the most. It could be taking care of your kids, solving crossword puzzles or any such activity that makes you forget the time. Be involved in that activity for few hours, at least once a day or a week just to keep yourself happy. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that it helps a lot to rejuvenate your spirits.

You can see that when you wish to become beautiful, it requires a lot of commitment from your side. The focus should be more on improving your overall personality and how you portray yourself in front of people. You also need to be self-motivated to take good care of yourself.